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Infographics in Their Online Marketing Strategy

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Infographics in Their Online Marketing Strategy

Trying to make sense of the mountain of information on the web is a daily challenge for consumers. Content marketers are constantly looking for better ways to help web users collate, curate and consume data, and one efficient way they have solved this problem of information overload is through the use of infographics.

Infographics are clever and creative visualisations of complex data that allow audiences to quickly digest information and ideas.Over the last few years, infographics have gained massive popularity among content marketers and internet users. So what makes them a compelling choice for inbound marketing?

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and half of the brain is dedicated to visual information. By presenting your target audience with infographics instead of textual information, you’re helping them better “digest” and retain key data. As a result, it is much easier for them to understand the information provided.
  • Due to their visual nature, infographics are more attractive to read. When given the choice between reading an article or an infographic, many often pick the latter due to the visual appeal. Have a think about whether you clicked on this blog to read the words or the visuals first?
  • Infographics can overcome language barriers as they excel in visual communication. This introduces your content marketing efforts to new international audiences at a reduced cost than if you were to prepare blogs and whitepapers in multilingual formats.
  • Infographics are highly shareable as they are more engaging and satisfy quick information needs for busy consumers. Social media users enjoy facts that are informative yet presented in an attractive and ‘snackable’ form. Infographics are very useful in this regard because they condense valuable data and information into visual shorthand. And because visual images are processed 60,000 times faster in the human brain than text, infographics are able to both help the audience save time and satisfy their craving for relevant and valuable information.
  • Due to an increased likelihood of being shared and embedded across the web, infographics offer backlinks to your website increasing SEO efforts. When infographics are well designed and published, an embed code is often provided alongside that, when used, creates an automatic link from the website it is posted on back to your blog or website.
  • The research required to create an infographic and the ability to analyse and condense big data into visuals shows an expert understanding of the subject matter and helps gain the trust of customers.
  • Well-designed infographics that use company branding and logos are very powerful at generating awareness for your company and instilling your brand in your customers’ mindset.

The challenge with infographics is creating them. What really separates good infographics from the rest?

  1. Data: The integrity of data underlying an infographic is important. Reputable data showing the latest available information in your industry or subject matter will earn respect and showcase expertise.
  1. Story: The reader should be captivated by the content of an infographic, whether it provides a solution to a problem, delivers a simple message or communicate the results of data analysis. A flow of content from top to bottom will allow the consumer to understand the purpose of the infographic.
  1. Design: Carefully consider how best to visually represent the information on an infographic while retaining a connection back to company branding guidelines. A great design can quickly draw attention and tell the story well.
  1. Shareability: The fourth component of a good infographic is to make it easy for consumers to share. Post it on the company blog where you are likely to have more web traffic. Provide easy access to social sharing button and couple the infographic with an embed code. Help your audience to help you make it go viral.

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