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Digital Strategy

The ability to leverage all the information you have or can capture and deduce about a prospect or customer is now becoming an integral part of customer engagement. Without this capability you are just guessing when you attempt content targeting and personalisation of your interactions with your audience. There is generally much more information available than you are aware and which can be readily accessed and utilised.

Much of this will sit in other systems of record in your organisation such as CRM or ERP systems, which need to be integrated with your web CMS platform for maximum benefit. Amla can advise on not only how this can be done, but why, and what such integration is expected to deliver in terms of ROI based on other actual customer results.

Further, we can show you how all this can be done very cost effectively and quickly without committing to large projects which take a long time to validate their efficacy.

Digital strategy is not just about technology: that is merely the vehicle by which you can enable your strategy with agility. Amla can however advise on which technology may be appropriate for your purposes and how it can best be deployed.

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