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A lot has happened in the web CMS space over recent years with much vendor consolidation, open source versus proprietary software battles, re-branding CMS as customer experience platforms, and many claims as to being the “best” CMS on the market. Let us state that although we favour and promote selected CMS solutions, we understand entirely that CMS needs vary widely and therefore no one CMS solution best meets all needs.

Our focus is to ensure that the customer’s requirements are assessed and the best fit solution is proposed based on capability and total cost of ownership. Given Amla’s desire to provide agility in digital enablement, we will often suggest an 85% functionality fit out of the box at 50% of the cost of a solution with a 100% functionality fit!

Amla also understands that to the average CMS buyer, many CMS systems appear to be the same when viewed in a demonstration. We can therefore advise on the hidden traps to avoid when assessing CMS solutions: what often appears as a great feature may be difficult to implement in the context of your requirements and end up costing much more than it can ever return.

For more information on the CMS solutions Amla works with please see the Web CMS section under Solutions.

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