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Amla provides a range of CMS solutions from which the most appropriate solution is chosen to meet customers’
current and anticipated requirements. The CMS platforms cover .net and open source as follows:

.net CMS

  • Elcom – elcomCMS is a powerful content management solution for mid to large enterprises as evidenced by
    their 1000+ global customer base. With over 100+ base features and modules, elcomCMS is the ideal CMS
    solution for websites, intranets, extranets, mobile sites, social, eCommerce, learning management sites
    and online marketing. The multi-site enabled design of elcomCMS, provides you with the ability to manage
    all your sites (e.g. websites, intranets, micro-sites etc.) on a single elcomCMS instance – saving on costs,
    administration time and improving performance.
  • Ektron (now EpiServer) – As the platform of choice for more than 3,800 global companies, Ektron enables you to create,
    deploy and manage enterprise-scale, global, personalized websites. Empower users, designers, and developers to work in
    parallel, speeding time-to-web. Make content updates directly on the site using an intuitive browser-based editor. Create
    site wireframes, ensuring global brand consistency. Speed development using Ektron’s Framework API, pre-built .NET controls,
    and standard development tools like Microsoft Visual
  • Sitefinity – Sitefinity supports your online business with an extensive web content management platform. It’s designed to be
    instantly familiar while providing a safe & predictable environment for multiple stakeholders to collaborate. Sitefinity has
    out of the box integration with enterprise solutions including SharePoint, Salesforce and Marketo, comprehensive enterprise
    security, authentication and single sign on capabilities, and is open and easy to extend to meet any integration requirement.

Open Source

  • Drupal
  • WordPress
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